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Nicholas (Nick) Mayes

expert FORTRAN programmer on vector, moderately and massively parallel supercomputers. Code porting and tuning are my favorites.

My career has gifted me with working at several of the world’s leading HPC system vendors, assisting end users at large enterprises, government bodies and laboratories. Complementing my experience in HPC I have two decades of specialism in IT storage, from SMB to massive, online to nearline.

Other interests: as a connoisseur of traditional British “real ales”, I have my own all-grain brewery system at home, and have brewed some very nice beers. Brewing is a combination of artistry and science, which appeals to many IT professionals

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Joseph (Joe) Pareti

Machine Learning Consultant

I like Machine Learning (ML) applications for Bioscience and Engineering. ML is what I have been doing since 2018. Prior to that, I worked MANY years for various Companies as an R&D Engineer, Application Engineer, CAE & HPC Consultant, and Pre-Sales solutions architect. My interests include learning and coding on one side, and evaluating how to found or co-found a business. In the latter role, I leverage a passion for investing own resources, and for technology. Many years ago, while working for SKF, I did a project on Knowledge Engineering, which is the way people understood AI in the 80s.

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Olivier Schreiber, Ph.D.

Olivier Schreiber has been a High Performance Computing Applications Engineer at HP, SGI and HPE since 2001 and contracted at SpaceX, Virgin Orbit and Google X.
Before that, he was at Boeing North American and McDonnell Douglas
as a Principal Engineer/Scientist/Computing Specialist.
Earlier, he was a Nastran developer at The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation.
Olivier holds an MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of
Technology. For his thesis, he developed a time marching multiprocess interactive
Computational Fluid Dynamics code with graphical 3D visualization and user interface which led to five publications.
His initial engineering diploma is from France’s Supaero.

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Henry Strauss

started as a „techie“, developed into a business-oriented person, but always focussing on HPC and related technologies, current part-time job: Business Development Manager at SICOS BW GmbH, in addition: founder and future CEO 😉 of HPCsquAIre

Henry’s HPC journey

spends a significant amount of his leisure time under the chestnut tress of the Augustiner beergarden in Munich, loves riding trams and literature


Dr. Karsten Gaier

More than 20 years of experience in technical computing support deep knowledge of diverse technical and scientific computing domains (Oil&Gas, Financial Services, CAE in Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing; Electronic Design Automation [EDA], Lifesciences, …). Broad knowledge about architectures, infrastructures and solutions for Autonomous Driving.


Siddharth (Sid) Rout

Heads Industrial Modelling and Analytics Consulting Services (IMAC Services), India

He is a machine learning and simulation consultant. He has experience in providing solutions for engineering and non-engineering problems, though engineering has been his prime interest. He has worked with giants like Tata Steel Ltd, Caterpillar Inc, and a few others for predictive analytics, process optimization, bulk categorization, and fraud prevention. He has over 4 years of experience in the sectors of Steel, Aluminium, Oil, Aerospace, Banking and Information Technology.

He loves to teach applied mathematics. Research has been a core component of his job. His specific research interests lie in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), inverse modelling and physics-based surrogate computational/simulation models.


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