Nick Mayes

I am Nick Mayes, an IT Consultant whose career spans multiple (super)computer vendors working on high performance computing and storage technologies. My interest in HPC was born during a final year course module of my B.Sc in Computer Science, which lead to a 12-year initiation at the legendary Cray Research Inc.

I am expert at porting, debugging and profiling FORTRAN codes. Experienced with vector processing, shared- and distributed-memory parallel programming paradigms (e.g. MPI), code optimisation and benchmarking.

By reputation I have a good eye for detail, thus I enjoy coding and performance troubleshooting as well as high level system architecture.

My customer profile has included small/medium businesses, larger corporates, global enterprises and diverse UK Government bodies.

Application areas in which I have worked span a very broad range, including CFD, structural analysis, computational electromagnetics, molecular dynamics, oil reservoir simulation, meteorology, computer graphics et alia