Olivier Schreiber’s web-page

-At Boeing/McDonnell Douglas-Long Beach, led two 8-processor Onyx, Open GL/Performer/Sirius flight simulator S/W projects including a PMMW (Passive Millimeter Wave) enhanced vision system Pilot in the loop real-time simulation with noise, jitter, motion blur and variable aperture.

-At Boeing North American Downey, Developed Guidance/Navigation & Control Embedded Real Time Simulation Software with ADA/MatrixX/Matlab for US Propulsion Module & International Space Station

-For Ph.D. thesis, developed a time marching multi-process interactive Computational Fluid Dynamics code with concurrent graphical 3D visualization and user interface to predict rotor-fuselage interactions which led to five publications and SGI Technology VP’s Graphics/Parallel Processing Demo, ’97 Dev. Forum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqvuhyzkiXA

Departure from usual batch computing and post processing has graphics rendering running concurrently with simulation parallel computational threads and processes. Geometry and simulation conditions are modifiable interactively down to mouse picking and dragging of individual vertices or simulation objects and effects visible immediately.

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