AI for Digital Pathology

At the Machine Learning in Healthcare Summit in July 2021 there was a fascinating presentation ‘ AI in Digital Pathology’ given by Dr. Anne Martel on using machine learning for diagnosing cancer from medical images. It was a continuation of what I saw in November 2018 at a ML conference in Toronto, Canada. If you think thatContinue reading “AI for Digital Pathology”

How NICE DCV enables doob Metaverses

doob Metaverses offer virtual interactive 3D meetings in a multitude of settings for remote users attending from everywhere. The seamless high-end experience is created with the NICE DCV high-end remote desktop technology. Listen in to our interview about the unique NICE DCV use case with doob CEO and Founder Vladimir Puhalac conducted with Terry FisherContinue reading “How NICE DCV enables doob Metaverses”

Natural Language Processing using Nvidia NeMo

The latest information is at this GitHub repo. The lead for this project is and the end user platform in his intent is a TV – side Raspberry PI implementing a model to do english – spanish translation on the fly.  The critical part is model training on a large VCTK corpus provided byContinue reading “Natural Language Processing using Nvidia NeMo”

Surrogate Models integrating an HPC Solver and a Machine Learning Component

Surrogate models consist of a Machine Learning model such as a deep neural network that is trained on data previously calculated by a numerical simulation program. This could be a Computational Fluid Dynamics or a FEM application. Assuming the deep neural network is able to generalize well on a broad range of practical cases, thenContinue reading “Surrogate Models integrating an HPC Solver and a Machine Learning Component”

Solving with Python and numpy

I believe it is worth spending some effort to sharpen my programming skills independently of any application.  A good path is provided by toptal and by Codility : the challenges are mathematical problems that can be programmed in several languages, and I choose Python and numpy. What follows is the one that kept me busyContinue reading “Solving with Python and numpy”


Olivier Schreiber has been a High Performance Computing Applications Engineer atHP, SGI and HPE since 2001 and contracted at SpaceX, Virgin Orbit and Google X.Before that, he was at Boeing North American and McDonnell Douglasas a Principal Engineer/Scientist/Computing Specialist.Earlier, he was a Nastran developer at The MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation.Olivier holds an MS and PhD in AerospaceContinue reading “Biography”

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