WHO we are and what you should know

  • We are an international team of highly experienced HPC and AI experts with an aggregated experience of 150+ years in various HPC and HPC-application roles and companies. This includes algorithms and software development, system/software engineering/analysis, Strategic Technical Consulting, and Business Development. In addition, we are hardware-independent, and can provide consulting in your mother language as appropriate.
  • Companies we have worked for include HP(E), Cray, SGI, Convex, Sun, KSR, nCUBE, SKF, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, Boeing, MSC Software Corporation, Space X, Google X, Dassault, Virgin Orbit
  • Application areas we are experienced in include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Structure Mechanics (CSM), Computational Chemistry, Electromagnetic Simulation Software, Weather/Climate Modeling, and Visualization
  • This is an initative to leverage multiple talents
  • The team membership and usage of the website is at no cost
  • HPC / ML practitioners are encouraged to join the team or seek advice
  • Some engagements with HPCsquare may subsequently evolve into compensated consulting services as negotiated between consultant and inquirer.