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HPCsquAIre has competence on the following verticals:

CSM (Computational Structural Mechanics)

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Climate Science

CEM (Computational Electromagnetics)

Molecular Dynamics

Oil and Gas (Seismic Modeling)

Databases (SQL and noSQL)

Data Science

HPCsquare functions in the following spaces:

On and Off premises (Cloud)

Deep Learning


Architectures: FPGA, ARM, X86

HPCsquare offers the following:

-s/w optimization


-Consulting on:

-Software&services, AI/ML/DL, data analytics (BIG data)

-Help to move your workload to the cloud

-Expertise not only in HPC but in related technologies too

-Consulting from limited projects to complete procurements

-Administration of compute clusters (install/deploy/operate)

-Training on parallel programming etc

-Business development / sales contacts